Sandat Glamping Tent – Ubud, Bali

Our 2nd honeymoon! With the little baby (6 weeks old) inside my belly 🙂

A review about our 3 days and 2 night stay.

Arra’s beloved cousin, Mas Angga and Mba Nadia gave us a hotel voucher to stay 3 days 2 nights at Sandat Glamping Tent Bali as a wedding gift. Thank you so much ya Mas Angga and Mba Nadia, we couldn’t ask for more 🙂

From Ngurah Rai Airport, at first we plan to use Taxi to reach Sandat Glamping Tents. Because we thought it will be cheaper than renting a car. But then, the airport taxi refused to use ergometer and gave a high price instead (they determined the price based on the location we would like to go). It was Rp 600.000 for one way to Ubud……..big no no. Then we went to one of the car rental stand on the airport, and found out the price is cheaper than taxi! Rp 700.000 for two way! Off we go….

The journey to Sandat Glamping Tents took around 1,5 hours. The road is a little bit tricky and bumpy at the end because we need to cross a big paddy field with a very small road (sized for 1 car only). A little bumpy road for the last 1 km but the view was very beautiful tough. Paddy fields with a clear blue sky as the background!


Once we arrived…..gosh. I instantly love the concept of Sandat: back-to-nature! Feel sooo intimate and peaceful. I saw no building at all. The living room and dining room are made from woods and bamboos, an open air with very high ceiling. The pathways to every location are a garden full of grass and flower and coral rocks. We can hear the noises came from a lot of creatures, such as cricket, bird, chicken, mosquitoes, you name it.

 The receptionist warmly welcomed us, with their Balinese polite. They showed us our ‘room’ for the next 2 days. Tadaaa! I was surprised and speechless. First of all, from the main entrance and lobby, we walked cross the beautiful garden, and then need to pass through a pathways with lot of tree lush, before we can reach our room. Then there’s a bell hanging -for the room service, to notify and ask permission from us to come to our private area. Cool, isn’t it? And what’s on the private area? A big and glamorous tent with a private pool facing the real forest!

 The hotel manager accompanied and showed us our “room” (or we should call it tent), explained about every facility we can get and how to operate everything. Start from the welcome drink and snacks they have provided, a refrigerator, a cool emergency lamp, wardrobe, iPod dock, til the ceiling fan. Be prepared, there will be no air conditioner, and no television. But there’s a wifi service for free. The last thing he explained to us was the bathroom, that I love the most! No connecting door from the bedroom to the bathroom, just separated by the wardrobe. Overall, I like the decoration and the idea of this tent so so much.

So, inside the glamorous camping tent, you can get all of that facility (including the bathroom and shower inside the tent). And don’t forget the private pool right across the tent with couch and umbrella~ Heaven!

A complimentary shuttle service is also offered to the center of Ubud (for free, and you may request it at anytime 24/7). Daily activities such as walk in the paddy field, read books in the hotel living room (they have sooo many books and magazines), play chess/monopoly/checkers, and dinner specialties are on offer for guests to enjoy during our stay.

This was our room.

Thank you Sandat Glamping Tents for the unique experience you have offered to us! It was a really nice stay, very relaxing, the staffs were so nice, definitely will come back here again someday 🙂


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